Why use Doll Finder App


Welcome to the Doll Finder app. We are here to help you to identify your favorite dolls. Dolls recognition is the best way to find more details about your "unknown" doll. It's super easy to identify your doll today:

  1. Take a picture of your doll

  2. Get results on "My Results" screen.

We will find it among hundreds of dolls of the most US / America popular series and brands and provide information about your doll, like Brand and doll name, and more. Today, we covered US brands and other worldwide doll brands.

Don't see the doll in the list and would like to see it on the Home tab? Email us and we will add it to the app in the next release! Have suggestions or feature requests we are always open to chat and discuss them.

The app is going to be very helpful for people who are reselling dolls and can't identify dolls or find them on the internet as well as for just curious people and kids, who are looking for names and doll stories.

Search for and recognize the best and most popular American doll. For girls and boys!




Today the Doll Finder App has a lot of features available for users:


-> doll auto-recognition;

-> manual doll recognition;

-> the full list of your favorite dolls and ability to filter by criteria;

-> marketplace for your dolls. Anyone can publish their listings;

-> buy your unique dolls via the app or website/marketplace on Doll Finder App;

-> search for your dolls on the app

-> add your questions to the public quiz to be available for other users to answer the quiz;


The list is always updated. We are recommending you to keep the app updated to the latest one to have the latest features available:


Create your account or download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store




Doll Finder's dolls auto-identification is free. Take a picture and tap on submit button to get instant results. We use the world's largest data provider and ML for this feature. If auto-recognition didn't work for you for some reason, you are welcome to submit your request for manual identification. Manual identification will get you better and higher quality results, but it will take longer since humans will go and search for the matches. A few FREE manual identification requests are available. Additional doll recognition requests can be purchased via Apple or Google stores.




The mobile app and web app are running on our private funds. We do pay for servers, databases, and other required infrastructure.


If you enjoy our app and would like to help us to grow, please, buy us a coffee