Seller Information

Last update Aug 1, 2022

Please, carefully read the important information below:

We try to make the Doll Finder App operations run smoothly as possible for sellers and buyers. Every product/good for sale is going under review and will be published only for approved sellers.

Seller's minimum requirements:

In order to be able to sell on the app every seller must pass a screening/background check by our 3rd party provider. This is the main requirement, and the application link will be provided. The provider might request private information to clear the screening. Also, we will request: - We will have to confirm your age - We will have to confirm your contact information such as email and phone number - Your home or business address (for tax and shipping purposes) - We will have to gather your SSN, TIN, or EIN for tax purposes. (only after you meet applicable sales amount limits) - We will have to confirm your banking, or money transfer accounts, like Zelle, PayPal, and others (this will be done by submitting and confirming the amount)


We use stripe as our payment provider. To see applicable fees, visit Currently, stripe fees are 2.9% + 30 cents per successful card charge. The Doll Finder App fee is $1 for each successful transaction. Sales tax will be subtracted from the final prices of sale and deducted from the payout to the Seller.

Payout example:

The seller posted a doll for sale on the app for $80 + $14 for shipping.

Sales tax in GA (30041) is 7%: ($80+$14) x 0.07 = $6.58

Stripe fees:($80+$14) x 0.0029 + 0.3 = $3.03

Doll Finder fee $1

Payout to seller: ($80 + $14) - $6.58 - $3.03 - $1 = $83.39


Sellers are able to sell and ship goods ONLY within the USA. Currently, the Doll Finder App has a static shipping amount of $14 (this is calculated from the average of the shipping from the prior years for small and large items, like doll furniture). If you would like to have a custom shipping amount, please, contact us: [email protected]


Payout occurs automatically twice a month on the 1st and 15th of each month. It might take a few business days to see the money in your bank account, depending on your bank. Money transfer systems, like Zelle, and PayPal are mostly instant. Payout amounts will be transferred ONLY after the buyer receives the goods. We might hold some reserved funds from your account to prevent fraud and other illegal activities during the investigation.

Got questions?

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact [email protected]